Accu-Die Co. is pleased to announce our partnership with POLYMX!

Accu-Die and POLYMX

*AN ENHANCED VERSION OF OUR HIGH QUALITY CUTTING DIES****  Accu-Die steel rule dies with Polytop MX, a premium, long lasting die that may cost a little more but more than pays for itself. 

Polytop MX® is highly durable synthetic ejection material for the packaging industry. It's proven benefits include faster runs with less cutting pressure and higher quality end products.

Polytop MX® is an innovation solution to the need for suitable ejection material for cutting dies. This revolutionary material is specially designed for the packaging industry and has all the qualities the right ejection material requires.

Polytop MX is suitable for rotary and flatbed dies and has satisfied users worldwide. A real Polytop MX die is recognizable by the various colours on the die. Due to the variable, though consistent height of the material, each die maker is now able to build up an high-performance die.